Children’s Book Illustrator Katherine Coulton

Katherine Coulton is a children’s book Illustrator based in the UK. She uses a unique mix of both traditional and digital media to create her detailed pencil drawings.

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“At school, I always had an interest in drawing and painting, so Illustration was the obvious choice for me. While I was studying at Birmingham, I learned how to use Photoshop and over time, I found myself using it more and more. I’ve ended up using it to colour all my images. I always start with pencils, and use a drawing tablet to try and create a painterly effect, as I like my illustrations to look quite traditional.

Eventually, my interest in drawing led me towards children’s books. My favourite books as a child were always full of absorbing detail, such as John Vernon Lord’s illustrations and Graham Oakley’s Church Mouse series. I put a lot of detail into my images, as that’s that always engaged me. My feeling is that a picture book is the best way for a drawing to get the most love and attention. A well-loved children’s book can last for generations. Most of my favourite books are still being read to my little brothers today.”


“After graduating, I teamed up with Serafina Press, who publish stories set in different Scottish towns in Fife. Jennifer Doherty’s stories were a perfect match for my illustrations. I’ve published two books since 2012, The Lion of St Andrews and The Sailing Bear of the East Neuk.

Right now I want to try and stretch my abilities, both in my drawing and digital work. I’ve recently joined a collective, Drawn in Bristol, and am now hoping to take my work into new directions. I’m working on my own children’s book projects and have started teaching myself to animate my illustrations as well.”





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