Contemporary Applied Art Graduate Martin Cameron

Martin Cameron recently graduated from the University of Ulster Belfast School of Art (1st class honours) in Contemporary Applied Art.


‘My work falls under the title of silversmithing yet it is a total contrast to traditional silver and indeed much of the contemporary work as well. An ethereal sense of atmosphere surrounds the table with silver and gold centrepieces inspired by fine and instinctive drawings of the surrounding land. Decorative and sculptural the pieces embody the same delicacy and spontaneity as the sketches they are based on. Adorning the table they become a complete visual experience of the beauty and vulnerability in new life and growth.

A main driving force in my work was to make something unique, something that went beyond traditional silversmithing, a more expressive use of the wonderful materials that are silver and gold on a much larger scale. I was told in my second year by a contemporary silversmith David Clarke “the world doesn’t need another bowl”, I think he was right.

Throughout university I was interested In the idea of using drawing as a more fundamental part of my making. I tended to make things very fine and delicate, yet always wanted to work larger scale, so in my last I year I was given the chance to do this by being awarded a Silver Bullion Grant by the Worshipful Company of the Goldsmiths of London which provided the materials for the “Folium” piece.’


‘This piece was one of two table centrepieces based on sketched of wild grass, it is made from sterling silver soldered in 18ct gold, 18ct gold wire and 24ct gold leaf. One piece was made to be flourishing in gold whilst the other was dying, weathered and stained.’


‘I am now moving onto the MFA Multidisciplinary Design course at UUB which is a two year masters, where I will focus more on the business and promotional end of my work. I am also currently working on pieces for local exhibition and private commissions.’




Website | @martincsilver