Designer & Illustrator Tom Parsons

Tom Parsons is a designer and illustrator based in North Carolina. His work has appeared in Computer Arts Magazine, HOW Books and numerous other publications.


‘I am an avid reader and a big fan of history, sci-fi and fantasy. I also love looking at old master works from the American golden age of illustration. To me, the best illustration isn’t just decoration, it also tells a story. I love it when a piece puts my mind to work, making me wonder about the characters depicted and what their life and world must be like.

After many years of working mostly as a graphic designer, I recently decided to go “back to school” to focus on narrative illustration. Last fall I completed a semester at Smart School with illustrator Gregory Manchess. A first class teacher, his enthusiasm was tremendously motivating and I’m still buzzing from the experience even now.’


‘I work digitally but also study traditional painting in my spare time. I try to get out at least once a week with my plain air easel to paint historical buildings or other interesting scenes. Currently I’m focusing on self-initiated projects while I shift from my in-house art director position back into the freelance world.’




Website | @TomParsonsArt