Freelance Illustrator & Camberwell UAL Graduate Lindsay Lombard

London based Illustrator Lindsay Lombard is a Camberwell UAL graduate, her work is created through detailed graphite pencil work, and through the use of coloured digital elements.

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‘I found my love of illustration when I was about 18, I was studying Textiles at A level and immersing myself in sketchbooks much more so than I was in fabrics and garments. When I then started my foundation degree I became more and more interested in illustration, I hadn’t really focussed on drawing before but I practiced a lot and gradually got more confident with my work, I was lucky enough to get in to all of my uni choices and chose to go to Camberwell UAL in the end as I wanted to be in London. I think the course was slightly different than I’d expected mainly in how experimental it is, but that allowed us the freedom of trying out different directions with our work. I found uni quite confusing at first, you start the course with one idea of the kind of work you like and the direction you want your work to go in, but you become exposed to so many different styles and influences it is easy to follow trends that aren’t suited to you and I found myself unhappy with my work for a while.’


‘When I entered my final year of uni I began working in pencil, I’d never been very good with pencils before – I didn’t have the patience for it and it always ended in one big blurry mess! But where my ability to draw was improving I thought I’d give it another go, I’d lock myself away in my room with endless cups of coffee and absorb myself in my drawings. The mechanical pencil and 4B leads became my best friends!’


‘When I graduated from uni I focussed singularly on pencil drawings, I then got bought a graphics tablet for Christmas and spent a month or so playing around with it, I enjoyed both methods of image making and so it just felt natural to me to combine them. I like the details and tones that are created in pencil and how bold the digital layers of colour are that sit amongst them. My most recent project has focussed on light and shadows, I’ve mainly been drawing people and fabrics and studying the way that light balances on them; I’ve found this project to be really valuable as it’s given my drawings a much stronger standing and I love the detail that I’m now able to produce. I’m working on two self directed projects at the moment, one is on food and the other is landscapes it’s in the early stages at the moment but I’m enjoying the work I’m creating.’




Website | @lindsaylombard