Freelance Illustrator Daniel Long

Since graduating from the Norwich University of the Arts in Illustration Daniel Long has gone onto work as a freelance illustrator in and around Norwich (UK).


‘When it came to choosing a university NUA (Norwich University of the Arts) was an obvious choice, mainly due to being within 20miles from home. (and the fact that it was voted the best specialist arts university multiple times didn’t hurt.)

When I began at university and for the best part of year one and two I was obsessed with pen and ink drawings which eventually evolved to incorporate water colour and ink washes. The biggest innovation for my work and style came midway through the second year whilst illustrating ‘The Swimmer’ by John Cheever, which was the first time I had produced any digital work and also started my love affair with limited colour palettes.’

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‘Since then my work has continued to be digital in nature, however I have now improved on the techniques that I used on ‘The Swimmer.’ I now use vectors and many many layers to create my work, whereas in the past I would work all on one layer, and despair when any mistakes were made.

My subject matter varies but generally suggests a sense of time, era and nostalgia , this is prominently achieved through my use of colour palettes, which tend to be warm, inspired by the 50s’, 60’s, 70’s and limited in nature.’


‘For some time I had avoided character design in favour for inanimate objects, as I found it hard to incorporate my style of character design with my style of illustrating objects. However, recently I have been prompted by several potential clients to produce more character work and since I have managed to successfully incorporate my technological subject matters and my characters.

Since graduating I am now working as a freelance illustrator in and around Norwich (UK) with some large and exciting projects in the pipeline, in both traditional published media and in animation. In the meantime I am working on some small projects and personal self initiated projects.’

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