Illustration Graduate Abigail Gartland

Abigail Gartland is a recent illustration graduate from the University of Hertfordshire.


‘I originally planned to specialise in Graphic Design. When first year was up I soon realised that my heart lies in Illustration, so I took the plunge. It was defiantly the right decision for me and now I couldn’t dream of doing anything else. Through experimentation in the beginning of my third year, I soon developed a passion for lino printing, and my style has been continually developing from there. I find it magical when you first roll up an image with ink and it seems to come alive.’


‘I love to look for the beauty in things that don’t often see the limelight, and thus my main inspirations come from the world around us. My project on the humble cup of tea is an example. I like to think of making a cup of tea as a mini ritual that we turn to at times of crisis, happiness and boredom. The image of mug, the tea bag, the spoon and custard cream show the simplicity but also beauty of these things that we could quite easily miss. A more recent project that I finished a couple of weeks ago was inspired by the Great Gatsby quote, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” The illustration represents how our past is always pulling us back like the waves against a boat. With this image, I was experimenting with fading colour and layering which I hadn’t introduced to my printing before, I believe it has been successful as it still retains its simplicity.

I would like to continue this development with my style, and my hope is that my new project, which will explore the British seaside, will help me to move this development along. The bright colours from arcade that was built in the eighties, to the chip shop with its plastic chairs and gherkin jar, and all the little quirky things that we miss on a daily basis will provide a wealth of inspiration for me.’




Website | @Abigaililona