Illustrator and Animator Lucy Rose Doll

Lucy Rose Doll is an illustrator and animator (graduate of the University of Portsmouth) based between East Sussex and London creating observational work using a mixture of watercolour, ink and coloured pencil.

'Lush does the french plait' Animation Still, 2014

‘I work under the name Lucy Rose Doll as during my Illustration degree at the University of Portsmouth I experimented with dolls and dioramas to create illustrated worlds. The inspiration for this definitely came from sneaking into lots of dress rehearsals at Glyndebourne Opera House, where my mother worked. Since graduating in 2011, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects, including illustrations for a Canadian documentary, constructing a giant paper model of Bristol and a series of animated hair tutorials for Lush Cosmetics.

I get a lot of inspiration from travelling (and always getting lost!) and the people I meet. I have books and books of drawings of so many characters and situations just in case they become useful in the future. I also love looking at design blogs to discover new inspiration and at the moment I’m really loving Cristian Barnett’s sugar mice animations and Hattie Newman’s beautifully precise model making. I really enjoy work that uses intense colour to create surreal scenes, especially from artists like Julia Pott, Ellen Weinstein, Paul ‘monsters monsters’ Roberts and Loch Ness.’

'Lush does the fishtail plait' Animation Still, 2014

‘Recently, I was commissioned to create an animated map for a film on the Coastal Culture Trail, which is 20 miles of scenic East Sussex coastline containing three art award-winning galleries. My next project will be a music video, and I’m really looking forward to experimenting with my animation. I also attend great fashion illustration classes taught by illustrator Clara Gomez, as I’m hoping to add a lot more portrait work to my portfolio this year and I still have lots to learn!’

Coastal Culture Trail Animation Still, 2014

Fashion Illustration, 2013

Glyndebourne Illustration, 2014

Paintbox Illustration, 2014

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