Illustrator & Visual Development Artist Rachel Alvarez

Rachel Joy first studied Art for Education at The University of Reading, she is now pursuing a Masters in Illustration at Kingston University.

Lady Turtle Print

‘I love comics. The largest section of my bookshelf is taken up entirely by comic books, picture books and graphic novels. I find the work of artists such as Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Simone Lia and Cyril Pedrosa inspiring and my own style incorporates my love of both Western and Eastern comic art. My goal is to produce comic books for KS2 aged children that convey powerful messages without losing the elements of fantasy that comics do so well.’

Master Splinter print

‘Throughout my education, I have always had an interest in art. From doodling on the corners of my biology coursework, to studying Art and Education at The University of Reading and now pursuing a Masters in Illustration at Kingston University this year.

My work is done almost entirely digitally, though there is a special place in my heart for traditional pen and ink. As a self-taught digital artist I am always using looking for ways to develop my digital inking and colouring. I draw mostly in Manga Studio, but use Adobe photoshop, illustrator and After Affects for my art making. There is so much freedom in digital drawing, I love the versatility.’


‘Currently, I am working on two projects. Both are collaborations with writers, an illustrated novel and a children’s book. I love the character development stage of any creative project, from the early sketches to an established setting and character.’

Feng Suai garden

Mr Fizz & Molly Print

Salcome jpg

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