Interview Graphic Design Graduate Nick Spiller

Today we introduce our next interviewee; Nick Spiller a University of Gloucestershire graduate in graphic design, he now works as a freelance graphic designer.

“Make sure you as a brand are the best you can be. Have business cards and a portfolio, both online and hard copy ready at all times. You never know when an job opportunity may arise.”Nick Spiller

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Who is Nick Spiller? What were your first creative influences?

Nick Spiller is a very focussed graphic designer, ambitious and skilled in all forms of graphic design, wether it be digital or handmade. My first creative influences stemmed from watching blue peter and art attack. This then led to myself and my brother creating numerous amateur comics and books throughout School holidays.


How did you find your time at the University of Gloucestershire? Was it a course/university you would recommend?

University was an amazing experience. It really forced me to question my work, and constantly ask myself how I could make it better. I’ve learnt many new skills, made contacts within the industry, and have become able to be a consultant to others.

I would definitely recommend this course. Gloucestershire has great facilities, staff and industry contacts.

How did you find the experience of exhibiting and showcasing your work at your degree show?

Exhibiting work is always great fun, a great way to network and hear what people really think about your work.

What advice would you offer to third year students heading into their final year this month?

Advice I would give to final year students, is to make sure you as a brand are the best you can be. Have business cards and a portfolio, both online and hard copy ready at all times. You never know when an job opportunity may arise.

Which projects have you enjoyed the most completing so far?

My Favourite project I completed was my brand extension of meat free alternative food, Quorn. For which I used Quorns existing brand values of ‘Healthiness,’ and their tagline, ‘Better for you, better for the planet,’ and created a flat pack water filter bike to be donated and shipped to Africa, titled ‘Quorn Klen.’ This collaboration between myself and a classmate, allowed us to create visualisations and an advertisement for the bike.

Which designers and creative agencies inspire your work today?

Designers that inspire me are the people I work around, and of course SabientNitro, they’re brilliant!

What are your plans for the remainder of 2014 and beyond?

2014, I plan to really push my freelance business, and explore into more software. I’m currently refuelling my passion for Cinema 4d and Adobe Dreamweaver. Oh and a holiday, I must go on holiday.

As for the future, The dream is to direct my own branding and packaging agency in London.

Who are your favourite people you would recommend to follow on twitter?

My favourite people to follow on twitter are young designers, like myself. I always look through their websites and see such great ideas that inspire me. Oh and Noma Bar, I think his simplicity is amazing. It’s surprisingly hard to make something look that simple.

Away from working, what films and music do you enjoy to relax with?

When my computer is on, Spotify is on. Always playing music like Ben Howard and Passenger. Film -wise, I have literally seen every film under the sun, however my favourite is the 2004 psychological thriller, The Butterfly effect.

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