Client: UKTV Agency: Red Bee Media Director: Harry White Design & Animation: Andy Evans

Interview Motion Graphics Designer Andy Evans

Currently based in London working as a Junior Designer at Red Bee Media, Andy Evans is a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University Graphic Design (Motion Graphics.) He won Best Stand Winner in 2013 for Sheffield Hallam University at D&AD New Blood.

Andy Evans – MMXIV Showreel from Andy Evans on Vimeo.

What were your first creative influences growing up? Who inspires you today?

I’ve always been into drawing since I was very young. This progressed into creating cartoon characters and making small cartoon strips. I think the silly amount of hours watching 90s kids shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network emphasised my passion in getting creative.

Fraser Davidson is someone who always comes to the top of my mind who is inspirational. I’m a huge fan of his work and his attention to detail in his animation pieces are superb.

How did you find your experience in exhibiting at D&AD New Blood? What lessons did you take away from it?

I found my experience very interesting as a whole, I didn’t know what to expect to first but it was great to see the standard of design from students nationally all under one roof. With fellow graduates and industry walking through the doors and browsing the work, it felt like a very rewarding place to be, and this is how I landed my first job.

Lessons to take away from it is to talk to everyone and be approachable. Everyone is in the same boat and just be yourself and be confident in your work. You never know who you could be talking to!

Did you enjoy studying and working at Sheffield Hallam University? Is it a course and environment you would recommend?

I loved my 3 years in Sheffield. It is a beautiful city with a wonderful student atmosphere. The course was great as it gave you a chance to explore a number of different specialisms under the graphic design umbrella before choosing on one to focus on. I went through from Advertising, to general graphic design before finally specialising in motion graphics within my final 6 months of university. Working with the guys at the student union really helped me decide this was definitely the route to go down.

You’re now working at Red Bee Media, how did that role come about?

One of the design directors of the company was at our stand and had a particular interest in the motion graphic work. They saw my work, liked it, and said they were looking for new graduates to join their team and I was offered an interview after I sent them some more work after the exhibition. The rest is history.

What has been the most nervous point since starting the job? First Day or Presenting work to big clients?

Such a good question! I was more excited than nervous on my first day, but yes I’ve had to showcase my work to around 50 odd people before which has been very nerve-racking!

Which projects have you enjoyed the most whilst working there?

One of my favourites is the animation piece I done for the Eden Shorts competition for UKTV’s Eden Channel. This was the first project where I was able to successfully pitch a style I love to the clients and them getting very excited from showing them work in progress shots. It was a great feeling to have complete free reign on the look and style and for it to be well received by everyone at the company.

Eden Shorts Competition from Andy Evans on Vimeo.

Was it a daunting experience working for bigger clients like Eden?

Considering how much of a high profile the job was, it was actually not daunting as you may think! The Eden team is a very small number of people and we worked very closely together to ensure all of their criteria was met as well as going beyond that.

Where do you see yourself heading in the next 3-5 years?

Such a tricky question! I want to continue my strengths in motion and become a well respected one in the industry. Photography is something I do in spare time and I wish to push that further and see if I can form an interesting relationship between motion graphics and photography.

Client: UKTV Agency: Red Bee Media Director: Harry White Design & Animation: Andy Evans

What advice would you offer to third year students who are heading into their final year, What do you think they should prepare for the most for next summer?

I think the most important thing is to have your own website having projects you are most proud of. I also think it’s important to document your process as when it comes to the interview, you can show them that extra content they may not of seen when browsing you stuff online.

Also, during the summer if you can, work on a personal project and set yourself a deadline. This is a great stepping stone into the industry as deadlines are always a constant battle. It’s good to show proof that you can work under pressure while generating work you can be proud of.

What is about photography that inspires you? What camera are you using at the moment?

The amount of creativity and flexibility that comes from photography is something that has always inspired me. I do enjoy technology and to think we can capture photos from mobile phones to sharing all over the world in a matter of seconds is a huge feat and something we all take for granted! I currently use my Canon 550D but also using my Galaxy S5 phone even more with the VCSO camera app.

Who are your favourite people to follow on twitter?

@Beeple is a great person to follow. His daily 3D renders of his work and his videos on his vimeo page are always so inspiring.

@Nickvegas from Greyscalegorilla. A great source of knowledge and inspiration in the 3D world.

@Seth_Eckert. Another fantastic animator I look up to who creates beautiful vector animations.

Away from working how do you like to relax and spend your time?

I like to spend my time exploring London. As it’s now just been over a year since I moved here, I still feel like there’s so much to explore and do. I tend to avoid the standard tourist hotspots as everyone does that. I like discovering unknown, sometimes unappreciated areas in London to get a reflection and feel of how incredibly diverse and unique this city really is.

Andy Evans – Animation Showreel 2013 from Andy Evans on Vimeo.

Design & Animation: Andy Evans Director: Sean Fenelon       Producer: Vicky Mortell

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