UCA Photography Graduate Zoe Mills

Zoe Mills has just finished her BA (Hons) degree in Photography and graduated this year from UCA Farnham.

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‘Zoe is raring to get her art photography noticed and has particular interests in identity, portraiture, using a context of rules and artistic experimentation. Her main passion is her art and creating work her individual way, enabling her to express herself.

Her most recent project ‘And Me Makes Three’ 2014, is a personal response to her own Dissertation about multiple births, titled: ‘Exploring uncanniness in the photographs of twins, multiples and doubles.’ The body of work hinges on the intentional ambiguity of whether the triptych of images are portraits of triplets, the same person replicated or three women of similar appearance. By creating an uncertainty, unfamiliarity may arise, which allows for the exploration of the uncanny and emphasises the nature of repetition in photography. Some of her artistic influences of 2014 and for her ‘And Me Makes Three’ project have been Wendy McMurdo, Cindy Sherman, Tina Barney, Sarah Jones and Diane Arbus.’

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‘Zoe is also working on ideas for a new body of work, involving personal identity and feelings, and the exploration of ‘finding’ ones self, with particular reference to the song and official music video by Stacie Orrico ‘(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life’. It is likely to involve performance and staged photography, as well as real life events that may be filmed and available to view and attend. Zoe is hoping to apply for a grant or artistic funding to help her create this project.’

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