UCLAN Graduate Junior Creatives Teo Nicolae & Malina Giurgea

The Quick Brown Foxes (Teo Nicolae & Malina Giurgea) are a Junior Creative Team that just graduated from the University of Central Lancashire.

image amnesty

‘We attended the New Blood Academy 2014, which was a great and unique experience. Our portfolio reflects the work we did in the past two years and is an accumulation of projects we felt passionate about. We think that nowadays design and advertising can change people’s minds and their habits. This industry has such a large reach and we believe it can do a lot of good.’

image ikea

‘Our project for Amnesty International is related to human trafficking, and more specifically to sex slavery. It’s a worldwide problem that affects all countries. It could be your neighbour, a prostitute, a woman you pass by on the street. We feel people should give more attention to this issue and should report to the police if they see anything suspicious.

Climate change is a major issue nowadays, and we feel people should get involved more in preserving the environment. Our campaign for Greenpeace tackles this problem from the point of view of the reader and the things that they enjoy in their everyday lives. That way, we used logos of major worldwide companies (such as Coca-Cola and Adidas) and showed how climate change affects them.’

greenpeace ad from Teodora Nicolae on Vimeo.

‘IKEA are known for their ready-to-assemble furniture, but we feel people are still taken aback by the fact they have to put together the pieces they buy. We wanted to express how simple it is through a series of billboards which make assembling look like child’s play. Flowers are seen as being old fashioned. People prefer sending texts or e-mails. We feel that flowers send a clear message that no one can misinterpret. This campaign for Interflora is copy led and shows how people can go wrong when they send texts and dig their hole even deeper.’

image interflora

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