UWE Graphic Design Graduate Holly Dennis

Holly Dennis studied Graphic Design at the University of the West of England, she is currently working at the Design Council in London as a graphic design and digital intern.


‘My final university project was about the irreversibility of speech inspired by Roland Barthes’ theory of language. The idea that you cannot take something back once it is spoken was something that really interested me and challenged me in creating design work based on something that wasn’t visual. It really gave me a change to use typography to explore language. I explored trolling on Twitter, selective mutism and Tourette’s syndrome. I also used a number of casting processes to created sculptures of mouths to represent my theme. I really enjoy making 3D things and I love working with materials such as resin.

I’ve always been inspired by natural forms and textures and have a morbid curiosity for taxidermy. My book ‘Dead Pets’ examines our relationship with our pets and how we represent them after death. For that project I received membership to the International Society of Typography Designers.’





Website | @hollycdennis