Artist, Designer & Illustrator Holly V Maslen

Illustrator and Designer Holly V Maslen explores the contrast between black & white, occupied spaces & the spaces in-between. She’s influenced by Japanese & Scandinavian aesthetics.


‘Currently I seem to be specialising in two rather different ways of working. One is large scale, having been commissioned to paint a mural for the fashion designer Charlotte Taylor in Sloane Square last year and also a series of sixteen murals for the Isle of Wight Zoo which have taken over a year to complete. The other work I’m currently involved with is designing scarves and pocket squares which are being sold through the website of London based Japanese designer Masato Jones.’


‘My influences are very vague and have more to do with what I feel about the World around me rather than what I see. I have always felt an affinity to the calm, clean and simple aesthetics coming from Japan and Scandinavia. I would say that seeing the Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern a couple of years back also influenced me in the sense that seeing what a huge amount of work she has created in her lifetime was incredibly inspiring. I felt her obsessive need to create, like a kind of madness, which I can definitely relate to.

I am about to embark upon a big project, a mural for a client living in the Prince Consort building on the Isle of Wight. The building was commissioned by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, so it’s quite a strange feeling to be given permission to paint all over the walls in the stairwell whilst imagining Queen Victoria running up and down those very same stairs. The theme is a Japanese garden, which suits my style of work perfectly.’





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