AUB Illustration Graduate Richard Jarvis

Richard Jarvis is a 2014 illustration graduate from AUB (The Arts University Bournemouth).


‘I have a huge love for the messy and expressive things in the creative world. I graduated from AUB (The Arts University Bournemouth) this year specialising in illustration and managed to land a job as an Artworker/Graphic Designer at a promotions company soon after.’

‘I like to keep an exciting energy consistent throughout my working process, where childish marks and vibrant colours are fused together with found imagery. I’m influenced by themes of discovery, science and knowledge. (These topics teach me a lot at the same time so it’s win win). I start each illustration by producing some collages, focusing on texture and marks with a traditional cut and stick method. These textures are then taken into Photoshop and used with found imagery that I’ve either found at a car-boot sale or stumbled across through some old magazines. Quite a lot of my work is left up to the interpretation of whoever sees it and I like that. I enjoy knowing that the next person might take something from it that the previous one didn’t.’


‘I take influence from a huge collection of artists and illustrators but some that come top in the list are: Sergei Sviatchenko, Rauschenberg and Jon Burgerman. Current projects include product demonstrations for Great Art and Working with Ester Davies (The Literary Detectives) on some Jane Austen inspired work for a new project.’





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