Central Saint Martins Masters Student Emil Kozole

Emil Kozole currently explores the intersection of typography, design and digital culture through his Masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins London.

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‘I live between London, where I am finishing my masters degree from Central Saint Martins, and Ljubljana, my hometown. My interests are graphic design, typography and internet culture. I am always looking for little interventions, that set the tone and character of the communication I am producing. It’s always about the twist and putting things in different contexts. Apart from being influenced by a range of styles from Japanese street signs to urban style of the states and Dutch graphic school, the content I am working with is heavily inspired by Slovenia, a post-socialist country that is dealing with a strong issue of identity crisis. Lost somewhere between now and then, the only anchor point is irony. This is the only way you can stay intact and the fact is – If you are too serious, nobody will take you seriously. So the work usually reflects that, whether is a typeface or a graphic piece.’


‘My first and perhaps most well recognised work was named “Typometry“, a display typeface, which was widely received with over 125,000 downloads. It was inspired by geometrical forms but it has that contemporary feel. It has 4 styles that can be manipulated to create different optical effects. They give the typeface a unique character. Language is embryonic and if we are its authors, directors and editors then typeface is the ultimate medium of how language is manifested. By (re)creating new forms of written expressions we are shaping our culture. That is why typeface design is a weird and long process that is fulfilled only when you see your work in use. The little detail is that moment is enough to feel present in this world. And that is what gives me the drive and momentum to keep producing.

The latest project is Random, an eye catching expressive typeface that features six shuffling alternatives to each letter, that automatically change as your type and are creating unique contextual combinations. It explores the visual value of letters and extremes in forms. Unlike other typefaces it builds character with inconsistency. Little details in each letter and an overall proud attitude of the typeface are its main strengths that create seemingly effortless yet well curated randomness.’


‘Once I graduate my plan is to switch places, to go somewhere a bit warmer, and to open a Type foundry where I could publish my fonts and curate a selection of typefaces that would follow the concept of expressive, unretained view on typography.’




Website | @emilkozole