Children’s Book Illustrator Josephine Dellow

Josephine Dellow is a children’s book Illustrator from Barnsley currently working towards her MA Children’s Book Illustration at University of Central Lancashire after gaining her BA Illustration from the University of Huddersfield.


‘My career as an illustrator began after completing a work placement at Hallmark, at the same time as finishing my Illustration degree at the University of Huddersfield. For a few years, I carried on working freelance – mostly in the greetings card industry for various clients, as well as illustrating for branding, app design and personal commissions. In the last year, I have taken a permanent position at UK Greetings, where I had become a regular freelancer. During this time, I have also been studying for an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at UCLAN for the last two years, which I finish this month.’


‘The main outcome for my MA is a book I have written and illustrated called ‘Put Your Feet Up’. Put Your Feet Up is a playful, humorous imitation of those chatty magazines that children might have seen grown ups reading. It has the usual magazine features – showbiz gossip, problem pages, fashion makeovers and advertisements – all written by – and for, of course – animals. I am excited about completing this and looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

My passion for children’s books is much fuelled by my many vivid memories with books as a child. Visiting the library, being read to at bedtimes or at school, laughing at funny details, making up my own narratives… I have strong memories of all of these things and I want so much to recreate those experiences and share what I had with other children.’


‘In terms of the way I work, everything I do starts with line drawings. I love fineliners, pencils and drawing funny details. I usually scan drawings in and colour them digitally, adding in textures that I have made or found. I am still exploring ways to create perfect balances in my illustrations – of simplicity and detail; line and colour; handmade and digital – but I have also accepted that as an illustrator, my practice is an ongoing journey and it’s ok that there is still much more that I want to try!’



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