Freelance Illustrator Ben Pickup

Ben Pickup studied illustration at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, and graduated this year (2014) now he works as a freelance illustrator.

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‘When I started at university I had a completely different drawing style to what I have now; it took me a while to discover that I love to lose myself within detail and the complexity of realistic and surreal work, and image making became more fulfilling from then on. Throughout my time at university, I learnt more about myself and what impact projects, subjects and timescales have on my work, and what motivates me to produce innovative and compelling pieces of work. University helped shape me and my work and made me want to be a successful illustrator.

I enjoy the work of illustrators and artists who play with reality, and this is what I aim to achieve in my own work. People such as Salvador Dali, MC Esther, Dan Mumford, Drew Millward and John Paul Thurlow have all had a huge impact on the direction of my pieces and the way I think about illustration in general.’

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‘At the moment I am working on some 1980s film posters and limited editions prints of them will soon be available to buy on my website and in my ETSY shop; I also have upcoming album covers and other art work to design for local bands in Preston. I have recently completed work for Computer Arts Magazine for their December issue, plus an album cover for local band “Dissonance” for their most recent EP “Valves”.’



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