Freelance Illustrator Kalyani Ganapathy

Kalyani Ganapathy lives and works in India. After graduating in advertising and graphic design she worked at graphic design studios before hitting a quarter life career crisis at 26. While trying to rediscover her passion for her profession she walked into an art store, bought everything she needed to draw and never looked back. After two years as a part-time illustrator she’s taken the leap and is now a full time illustrator.


‘She enjoys all projects to do with storytelling. Her work has been seen on book jackets, editorial spreads and fashion accessories for clients in India and abroad. She works at her home studio in her home-town in Southern India and is currently working on her first picture book for young adults.’


‘Her personal work consists of stories about friends, strangers, all things around her and herself. The motifs and colours in her work are influenced by textile traditions and motifs. She has exhibited her work in India in 2013 at an illustration group show titled ‘My cup of tea’. Her collection included scapes dug up from childhood and her memory box.

She uses water-colours and tempera and the occasional tube of acrylic paint to create her work. She experiments with a variety of papers as well. Her recent experiments include hand-lettering and visual humour that currently finds a place in her sketchbook.’



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