Freelance Illustrator Sam Mathewson

Now working as a freelance Illustrator, Sam Mathewson aka FoxInk gained his Illustration degree from Staffordshire University.

Deckard and kiki

‘I was always interested in art at school then I did a Btec in art and Design and Wolverhampton college moving to a BA(HONS) in Illustration at Staffordshire university graduating just over a year ago. After finishing university I have spent my time doing freelance illustration and working a normal job to save up for a gallery type shop that I would love to have.

My influences for my work artist wise include, Alex Pardee, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Fish and Yoshitaka Amano, the subjects that influence my work always revolve around the nautical/marine and mythology ranging from Norwegian mythology to Russian Folk tales among others. Pop culture or the lesser known pop culture has always influenced parts of my work and I always try and throw in a little ‘easter egg’ of a film, game or cartoon I enjoy, for example a recent illustration of a character of mine deep sea exploring has a very ‘TRON’ inspired wet suit.’


‘I wouldn’t describe my work as conventional as I always aim to push my self to create unique and most of the time outlandish illustrations. I have always loved creating strong lines and using colour lots and lots of colour, one thing that has always been said about my work is the use of strong colours. For a long time I just used watercolors and drawing inks making pictures by dripping and spraying to make many different shapes but recently I have added embroidery and college into my work to make it full of interesting textures and have more depth and control of my work. I have always been open to using lots of different mediums and trying different things out for examples traditional book binding, letter press and screen printing, I prefer traditional methods but also enjoy using digital mediums most commonly my Cintiq graphics tablet with Corel Painter software.

I’m currently working on quite a few projects! I am creating some one off pieces for the InPrint fair at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, Also personal work includes a long process for a cartoon I am creating called ‘Deckard and Kiki’ which is about 2 deep sea explorers from the future, a ever expanding bestiary of monsters and characters I create and I am always continuing my stories of my characters including, ‘Toy Hare’, ‘Alan Hero’, ‘Deckard and Kiki’ and ‘The winter prince’.’


Nautical aliens

Nightime clouds

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