Handmade Designs by Jo Kelly

Jo Kelly is a 24 year old creative living in Preston (originally from Liverpool) and a graduate in Interactive Digital Media from UCLAN.


‘Yup I’m a scouser. I have (finally) just graduated from University of Central Lancashire in Interactive Digital Media which is graphics, web design, video production and just a little bit of everything really. I say finally graduated because I am one of those people who had no idea what they wanted to do. I’ve done everything from childcare to animation and I was a little bit ‘stuck’ for a while. I was petrified of having a standard desk job and absolutely hating my life as I’m a creative and always will be.’


‘During university I started making and selling jewellery. It was simple beaded stuff and I quite enjoyed it. It made a big change from staring at a computer all day. As I was also working part time as a cashier I could buy bits and bobs online to make things. I then discovered polymer clay. I saw someone doing these cute little charms and it fascinated me so I thought I would invest in some. I started making simple little things like doughnuts, flowers etc and sticking them on chains to make bracelets and necklaces. After a few months I noticed you could put polymer clay on anything! Tiles, books and many other things. A polymer clay diary/journal intrigued me as it is a place for your thoughts or sketches so why should it be plain and boring? Your mind isn’t. So this is where I began with making the journals. I use many colours of clay, charms, beads and pigment or mica powders to make them interesting. I love fantasy, colour and originality so every journal I make is different. They are all handmade and unique and the best ones are custom and personalised orders. The ones that inspire other minds 🙂 I’m also making accessories now such a box framed art and phone cases.’


‘I never plan my work or draw ideas I just go with the flow. Doing this has worked great so far! So now I’m running my own little business ‘Designs By Jo’ and it’s getting bigger and bigger each day. So far I’ve had my work displayed in the Harris Museum in Preston and within the next couple of weeks I’m going to have my products displayed in a little shop in Preston and also one in Manchester. I’m so proud of what I have achieved and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.’




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