Illustrator and Comic Book Artist Alex Moore

Alex Moore is an illustration graduate from Middlesex University in 2012, and you’ll find a lot of her work via the Drawn Chorus Collective.


‘Pretty much all my illustrations start off as hand drawn images that then get run through photoshop. I like to use a combination of the two – being able to colour and edit images digitally makes it so easy to fine tune an image and making any last minuet tweeks. I also try to keep my work feeling traditional- there’s some fantastic brushes and textures out there which can really help the digital elements feel a bit more rough and ready.

I try to create scenes with a sense of narrative and have far too much fun making sure the folk populating them each have their own distinct personalities. I especially dig the challenge that come with graphic novels- there’s so many ways to transition from moment to moment and working with just a pencil gives you a real freedom you just don’t get in other story telling mediums such as film. I’ve always been a bit of a dork for typography and I really like to use my personal work as a chance to play around with hand lettering.’


‘I graduated from Middlesex’s Illustration BA back in 2012. The course had a pretty big impact on me. Asides from really helping me find my voice there was this fantastic studio environment. We all had such a blast working together- so much so that we pretty much immediately formed the drawn chorus collective once we were done. It’s been great to be able to work carry on projects together even though now we’re spread out all over the globe. We’ve also worked with some fantastic guest artists , including our former tutors. So far we’ve put on three really successful exhibitions and are gearing up to publish our first graphic novel.

Growing up I used to spend hours pouring over Herge’s Tintin books and have loved comics ever since. I’m in awe of the level of design that goes into everything Chris Ware does and love the cinematic story telling in the Blacksad books.’


‘I’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty constant stream of jobs come in since graduating. I’ve mainly been working with Rumpus- a monthly indoor festival- on everything from marketing material, live drawing and even staging. I also recently got to further explore combining animation and comics (something that I started looking into for my FMP at Uni and am really keen to keep on persuing) producing a film for Bishop’s Stortford Museum with Daniel Duncan.’




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