Multi-Media Textile Designer Katie Stamford-Smith

Katie Stamford-Smith is a creative Multi-Media Textile Designer who creates original statement furniture pieces.


‘Using a distinctive fusion of creativity, precision, and flair, she produces items that seek to merge the beauty of nature with contemporary structural design. This exploration of dichotomy is echoed in her contrasting choice of materials, which emphasises their materiality and highlights the unusual shapes they are formed into. Coming from a textile-led background, the tactility and materiality of textures used, clearly play an important role in her production and are captured and utilised in her designs in both an aesthetic and practical manner.’


‘Influenced by naturally forming layers, Katie’s current work attempts to capture the hidden beauty in natural structures, and emphasise it through repetition within her own designs. Throughout the range, high quality natural materials are hand crafted, with each component individually hand cut to create a distinctive rippled effect. The contrasting materials of hardwoods and tactile soft felts create an appealing textural surface and design. The subtlety of tones in the range of woods used balance this stark material contrast with a gentle colour contrast throughout the work. Alongside this the unique shape of the pieces, encourages inspection and offers a distinct view of the detail at every angle. Producing in this way ensures that each design is truly unique in its form, and offers organic qualities that work to both contrast and enhance an interior setting.’


‘Katie’s unusual, bespoke way of working has so far proved popular at the Mint Shop’s Elements of Craft exhibition, New Designers, and with commissioned work. Katie is excited to be currently creating a new range, expanding upon her work recently shown at Mint, and extending her output to include lighting, mirrors, and further furniture. Inspired by her time working in Finland the new collection will embody the beauty of simplicity and repetition, and continue to emphasise the importance of the hand crafted.’



Website | @KatieStamfordS