University of Lincoln Graphic Design Student Jessica Brayford

Jessica Brayford is currently diving head first into her third and final year at the University of Lincoln studying Graphic Design.


‘I can usually be found in the studio or at the nearest coffee vendor, double espresso please! Throughout the amazing years I have had here I found my serious love for book and editorial design. I mean who doesn’t want to spend their life with their nose in a book? And if its for work? Even better!

I find myself looking to Chip Kidd and David Pearson both such inspiring designers both in the work they create and the way they work. What can give you more pride that people have judged the book by the cover? I know I certainly have bought books just because they have such beautiful covers rather than it being an author I like or a genre I typically read, it opens yourself up to new and possibly exciting things.’


‘I love to experiment when working, I don’t like the idea of jumping straight from sketches to a mac even though some projects that’s all I can do, I love to create more hands on design. Things you can play with, after all I am a creative hands on person. I love to fiddle with things and interact with design rather than just viewing it. I remember buying a set of cloth bound anniversary edition books and being in awe at the simple but beautiful design. They seemed to be screen printed onto the bold cloth and the finish and crafting was just fantastic! I refused to read them for a good few months because I was terrified of ruining them they just took pride of place on my shelf. That was when I realised ‘my calling’ I wanted some other book worm to have such a reaction to my design, that became my purpose.’






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