University of Plymouth Illustration Graduate Saif Chowdhury

Saif Chowdhury is a University of Plymouth illustration graduate who is currently based in Luton.


‘I’ve always been creative from a young age, I come from an Asian background and it was very common in our communities to watch Bollywood films, I was always fascinated by the colour, patterns and scenery of those films.

I was always a massive procrastinator, and would spend my time just doodling on almost anything especially on my maths and science textbooks. I struggled immensely at school, I was rubbish at everything except for when it came to being creative. I studied Fine Art at college for three years, during that time, I never really developed a style of working, everything I did was abstract and learning about different art movement and general fine art. It wasn’t until I started University where I got the freedom to demonstrate my creativity in a way that I can get my imagination translated on paper.’


‘Artists that have had a profound Influence on my work are Japanese artists such as, Yoshitaka Amano( known for the artwork for final fantasy and vampire hunter) Nara yoshitomo and most recently Hikari Shimoda who has made a huge impact in the Japanese art industry and in the international art community. What they all have in common is they work with figures and portraits and I always start a drawing of with a character and then build around it.

I would say my style is very quirky, imaginative, creepy, colourful and fun, I like to create bizarre, odd, eccentric looking characters and make my own fantasy world for them. Not long ago I had a placement with Hallmark, one of UK’s biggest greeting card company and I gained a lot of experience and one thing I took away from there was that I really enjoyed making my own surface patterns, I used some of my old work and extracting parts of each to make really cool pattern work.’


‘Currently I am promoting my work through online fashion and home stores such at Society6, Redbubble, Art Rookie and Nuvango. I am not expecting to sell much and using it as a platform to promote my work as much as I can so other artists and non-arty people are aware of my work, I am also using Twitter and Tumblr as much as I can to get myself out there. Currently I am in the process of creating new work for my portfolio that demonstrate my versatility as an Illustrator.’



Website | @SaifIllus | Tumblr