UWE Graphic Design Graduate Amy Swapp

Amy Swapp graduated from UWE Bristol in 2014 with a first class BA(Hons) degree in Graphic Design, she has recently relocated to Oxford.

AS womanifesto

‘During my time at UWE, I explored feminist theory, graphic design and the modern feminist movement, which came to be an important element of my work. I examined this area through my work in print and digital design, as well as through traditional craft practices such as cross stitch, and screen-printing.

For my project Womanifesto, I used material gathered from the Feminist Archive in Bristol to create a set of modern-day manifestos for women’s movements. I also created a magazine aimed at young women that used design commonly found in contemporary fashion and design magazines to promote positive contemporary feminist icons and make them more fun and accessible.’

AS mag1

‘One of my favourite projects to work on was ‘I’m Not a Feminist But…’ a collection of screen-printed teatowels which highlight the confusion around the word feminism. My research showed that many women today would not consider themselves feminists, even though when questioned they clearly identified with feminist principles. I collected quotes and juxtaposed them with an item traditionally associated with ‘women’s work’, the teatowel.’

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‘My work was recently included in the D&AD new blood exhibition, London. I am currently working as a freelance designer keen to continue combining craft and digital design.’

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