Bath Spa University Graphic Communication Student James Shaw

James Shaw is currently in his 3rd year at Bath Spa University studying Graphic Communication.

James Shaw

‘While studying at Bath Spa I have focused on typography, printmaking and editorial work such as publications and out of these my favourite is the making of prints through different processes such as etching, letterpress, photo etching and screen print. With these processes I like to then go on and incorporate these into publications and poster work. The work i produce can vary from being very experimental to clean, direct and professional. I work in a very strict style and like to get every detail right.

I have been inspired by many artists such as HN Werkman, and Henryk Berlewi who both focus on modernist design, strict shapes and typography. These types of artists have started to really influence my work over the last year andIi also believe I have started to find myself and the mediums and processes I like to work in. The first images which are presented here are from projects from my 2nd year at Bath Spa which include a screen print which also featured a digital component, etched book cover and also an editorial publication which was based around the lift of a pottery studio I got in contact with. The final images are of a project I am currently working on called “First Pages” which involves us taking the first page of a book and illustrating the rest of the book to bring it to its dramatic conclusion.’

James Shaw2

‘When I graduate from Bath spa I hope to continue the work I am doing and eventually go on to a postgraduate course in graphic design, but before this I want to experience the work place and gain some experience working in a studio and in a team where I can still alongside produce my own prints and publications.’

James Shaw3

James Shaw book

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