Final Year Illustration Student Deborah Pow

Deborah Pow is heading into her final year of illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee.


‘It’s all go from here with a huge mix of emotions from stress and fear to utter excitement for our Degree show in May. Before I started my journey at DJCAD and after finishing High School in a wee place called Perth, I spent a year doing a ‘Portfolio Prep’ course at Dundee College. It was here I feel that I was really taught how to draw the figure properly and I always remember being told that if you can draw a nude figure you can draw anything you want! So when I came to University I was able to do exactly that – discovering a love for drawing animals and natural objects whilst introducing pattern and colour in different ways.’


‘I really enjoy screen printing my drawings and patterns or sitting down with my water colours and just painting the people, animals or environment in front of me. However, the one tool I have the best control of and love using is a trusty Bic pencil. There’s something satisfying about taking an original pencil drawing in to photo shop and adding just a touch of colour to bring them to life – a technique I can’t seem to get enough of at the moment. I’m currently designing a colouring and activity book for my first of 5 projects this year. The idea of someone else colouring within the lines of my drawings or joining the dots to create my drawings is quite exciting, I can’t wait to hand it to someone and have a look at it complete!’


‘I guess my biggest influences of my current and past 5 years of work are my classmates and tutors. I can be given the tiniest piece of advice in tutorials and group crits and my work feels instantly stronger. I think everyone is subconsciously influenced by everyone else’s work and it’s important to share ideas and techniques with the people we work beside, it helps take a step back from the drawings you’ve been staring it for the past 3 weeks! I think the best piece of advice I can give to anyone becoming an illustrator or any type of designer is not to try and create a ‘style’ or one type of identity which will constrict you. Taking on each project as a separate piece of work, discovery and researching new artists, techniques and materials is one of the great aspects of becoming an illustrator.’



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