Freelance Illustrator and Designer Evannave

Evannave is a freelance illustrator and designer who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011.

the grand budapest hotel

‘Since graduating from ECA. I’ve worked freelance from my home studio. My first big client after leaving university was Dorling Kindersley who approached me to work on a series of education doodle books for children titled “Doodlepedia”. This was a great learning experience for me and allowed me a peek inside the Penguin Books offices in London to see where the magic of the publishing industry happens. Since then I have worked with a number of clients including Digital Artist Magazine, Uni Posca and Waterstones.’

knight of wham!alot

‘My work is bright, bold and colourful and usually has an element of humour to it. I tend to work with pen and pencil on paper before scanning a piece and working with the image in Adobe Illustrator to create vectors. My use of bright, bold imagery and vector graphics are what landed me my latest commission designing large scale illustrated backgrounds for an exhibition. These background were six feet high and depicted home interiors and exteriors which really challenged me to think about how line work and composition are affected by scale.

Anything and everything influences my work, from fellow illustrators to what I had for lunch. You can never be sure where or when inspiration will strike so I keep a sketchbook nearby at all times; I have some of my best ideas in the shower!’

coat of arms


nature in the city

paper planes pattern

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