Freelance Illustrator Robyn Ridley

Robyn Ridley is a freelance illustrator who recently graduated with a BA Honours degree in graphic and media design from the London college of communication.

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‘Looking back, the fact that I’m an illustrator really comes down to chance. When my time at college was coming to an end I wasn’t sure what profession I wanted to go into. I thought a little bit about doing a degree in history but something stopped me. It was after I went to an open day at UCA in Farnham that I realised how much I loved art. It was the open day for a foundation in art and design. I had a go at all the design disciplines, but I went with graphic communication, which included illustration. It was doing this course that made me realise how much I loved to draw. Almost all of my projects involved drawn elements, so that’s why I applied to the design for illustration course at the London College of Communication.’

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‘The three years I spent at LCC really helped me to find my own style and develop it. Humour is definitely one of my inspirations. I like my work to be fun and not too serious. If I can make someone laugh or smile from looking at one of my illustrations then I’m happy. I guess I draw for many reasons. My illustrations can sometimes be a response to something I see in the news, or something on TV, but most times I draw my illustrations because I want to. Often they are a spur of the moment thing. I’m also obsessed with colour. I like to use vibrant colours, pastel colours, anything really eye catching to make the images stand off the page or screen.’

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‘Currently, I’m working on some new self-initiated projects to build my portfolio up. So for example I’ve been drawing lots of new characters and monsters, along with more hand made typography pieces. I like to work on several pieces at once so that I can give all projects an equal amount of focus as I find that this helps me to stay interested in the work I’m doing. I am also getting some designs ready to sell on Art Rookies website which I’m very excited about. It’s just the start of my career as an illustrator so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity’s that come my way in the future.’

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