Graphic Designer Jordan Blyth of JB Studio

Jordan Blyth graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in the summer of 2008, he now runs his own studio (JB Studio) and works with a number of clients across various sectors.


‘It took me a while to realise that design was something I wanted to get into as a profession. I actually started out working as a sign maker straight out of school, which involved a very limited amount of ‘design’, as 99% of the time I would be supplied with completed artwork via various designers and agencies etc, however there was the odd exception where I would get the opportunity to be creative and produce something from scratch.’


‘Having had this first real glimpse into the world of design, I decided it was something that I’d like to explore further, so made the decision to go back into education and began a full time degree in Graphic Communication at Norwich University of the Arts.

Throughout this period and also after graduating I sought to gain as much industry experience as possible and I was lucky enough to end up completing placements in some of London’s top design studios, including Pearlfisher, Pentagram, Design Bridge, SomeOne and Turner Duckworth amongst others, which provided me with a great insight into the industry.’


‘Following this I worked as a freelance designer for various design studios, whilst also at the same time picking up my own clients along the way, which subsequently led me into setting up on my own. This was never really something I had planned, however it all just seemed to fall into place and happen organically.

In terms of influences that led me to where I am today, I think i’d have to go back to the experiences had during my placements at various design studios, which has certainly had a lasting effect on the way in which I work. More specifically though, in the very early days, I was really fascinated with Pentagram and in particular one if the companies founders Alan Fletcher, whose playful, witty work I really admired, so I was over the moon when after sending a mailer out to a number of design studios during my second year at art school I received an email back from Pentagram asking if i’d like to go in for a week, which was a great experience. ‘


‘I now run my own studio, where I work with a number of clients across various sectors, from the local regional Football Association to as far afield as Australia, working with a Perth based software specialist.

I have a firm belief in conceptual thinking and the importance of ideas being at the heart of considered design solutions, endeavouring to approach all new projects on their own merits, treating each one, large or small as an opportunity to apply these principals and produce something that both me and my clients can be proud of.’


‘Recent projects include a rebrand for a Financial Advisors, identity work for a Musician, Charity and an Architects, whilst two recent pitch wins has also provided an opportunity to collaborate on web based projects for a 19th Century, Grade 1 listed Cathedral and a well known celebrity chef.

In addition to this, earlier in the year I finally completed a long running personal project, a self-published book named the ‘Idea Alphabet’ featuring a series of typographic observations, based on each letter of the English alphabet. The project was only ever intended to be a bit of fun, however the response to it was rather overwhelming, culminating in the final copies being stocked and sold at Rizzoli Bookstore, Manhattan, NYC. I’m currently planning another print run and website for the project in the new year and also a follow up publication, which is currently in the early stages of production.’


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