Illustrator and Surface Designer Tulu Draws aka Sonia Whitehead

Tulu Draws aka Sonia Whitehead is an illustrator and surface designer who went back to uni as a mature student (at 30) and graduated with a First Class Degree in Design from Hull University in 2012, having moved away from a career in Social Work.

tulu draws print

‘I was awarded the Academic Excellence Prize for exemplary marks that year and for the highest scoring Design degree ever issued by Hull. Since then I’ve been building my brand, testing designs and odd-jobbing. I go by the name ‘Tulu Draws’ which is named after a character I developed on my degree.’

tulu draws work

‘I’ve recently joined A Fresh Bunch art licensing agency and this year I’m launching my very popular ‘Hey Doll Face’ surface design which I successfully had printed as wrapping paper through a Kickstarter campaign. Right now I’m populating my online shop with the design on textiles and ceramics.

I’m influenced by mid-century modern, Scandinavian and children’s character design. I have a very simple, childlike, nostalgic style and I work with a small palette, favouring black and white.’


flowers garden

tulu deer

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