Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer Anne Passchier

Anne Passchier is an illustrator from The Netherlands, who moved to the United States to attend Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, to pursue her dream of working in the surface design industry.


‘I hoped that studying abroad would give me more exposure to different artists and help me find my path and style as an illustrator. My passion for pattern design started when I was younger and grew up in a family of avid quilters. Fabric patterns became very interesting to me and I started to apply my creative skills towards designing their elements. Another major influence was a workshop I attended during my second year at art school. A Ringling alumna visited the school to talk about her career as a surface designer for major companies as well as her experiences working as a freelancer. Her talk was inspiring and gave me the push I needed to pursue this form of illustration alongside my classes, as pattern design wasn’t being taught in a class setting.

Throughout my years at Ringling I developed a whimsical, childlike drawing style, with simple shapes and bright colors that I hope will appeal to a wide audience of all ages. Over time I’ve attempted to use similar elements in the rest of my work, incorporating patterns into the objects and environments of my illustrations, as well as exploring different printmaking processes alongside my digital work, such as linoleum and letterpress printing.’


‘Over the summer I was offered a position as a surface design intern at American Greetings, one of the largest greeting card companies in the world. Working in such a competitive, high-paced environment really enhanced my skills as a surface designer. I got to work on patterns for gift-wrap as well as designs for gift bags and stationery. I realized this kind of work was a perfect fit, not just because of my passion for this field, but also due to the way my illustrations adapted to a commercial purpose. During my last year of college, I’m looking to do some freelance work, as well as continuing to expand my portfolio and improve my art.’


Bloody Mary


Travel Stationery

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