NUA Illustration Graduate Becci J Atkinson

Becci J Atkinson graduated from Norwich University of Art in 2013; She is influenced by people on the periphery of society and objects of little worth. Having spent her youth engrossed in horror films and video games, the influence seeps through to her work, creating an untainted drawing style, full of natural release, and sometimes a little dirt and gore.


‘I spent my childhood engrossed in TV programs, films and video games. I didn’t go outside much. I was always a dreamer and would think up my own shows or plays or comic books as an imaginative release to all the information and stories I was absorbing. Its an interest that has continued to this day and propels my work. For me, creating is a stream of consciousness and my love of the screen permeates this, sometimes inspiring my subject matter, other times motivating me to conjure up 2D dramatisations of real life events, such as the graphic novel I created entitled “Lunch Box” that depicts a portion of my childhood growing up in Northern Ireland.

I began creative life as a collage and mixed media artist inspired by Rauschenberg and Schwitters. I moved on to drawing as I felt it was a more immediate medium for telling my stories. My love of mixed media and in particular my collection of ephemera seeps into my work today and helps me create a multilayered dynamic. Humans remain my favourite subjects; there is so much a face can tell you.’


‘I have always been supported in my quest to be a creative. I had an amazing high school art teacher that showed me a life in the creative industry is a possibility; my parents wanted me to be a vet. I never thought of illustration as a possibility until I was tutored by Illustrator Simon Wild who really made me believe in myself. I’m still riding the wave of confidence he gave me to this day. I graduated from Norwich University of Art in 2013 and haven’t stopped working since then. Be it commissions or self motivated projects, I have my hands full! Im currently creating work based on the strangeness of fish and fishing which will culminate in a book to be released next year as well as many other projects I’m currently working on. Watch this space.’

Lunchbox book





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