UWE Graphic Design Graduate Rémi Mortimer

Rémi Mortimer is a recent graduate in Graphic Design from UWE; ‘I like to set structure, simplicity and system to my designs.’

Silent Crisis

‘During my time at UWE, I developed a keen interest for typography, book design and print, especially screen printing. In my final year, I created ‘The Silent Crisis’, a publication and supporting work on endangered languages around the world and the effects of globalisation on the extinction of cultures. I also designed a book called ‘Fear’, looking into the positive and negative effects of fear and phobias, and ‘Paradox’, based on film theories of the movie Inception. I was a member of the UWE publication team ‘We Live In Curious Times’, which was awarded the Certificate of Excellence at the ISTD Awards 2014.’


‘I enjoy including structure into my designs by creating rules which I associate to the content and theme of each project. For my publication ‘Fear’, I wanted to structure the publications features on a specific fear or phobia. From my research of phobias, I decided to focus on triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, as a theme to determine the decision making of the scale (1:1.3), type and stroke size (divisible or multiple of 13pt), angles (13°), opacity (13%) and other features of the book. This gave me a system and allowed me to also break the rules, and try experimental layouts.’


‘I now work on book design, branding and websites at et al Design Consultants in Oxford under the creative direction of Phil Cleaver, author of ‘What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School’. In my spare time, I also work on my own projects, experimenting with traditional black and white photography, creating my own publications, and beginning to set up my own screen printing studio.’



Silent Crisis 1

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