Young British Fashion Designer Lou Marshall

Lou Marshall is a young, British Fashion Designer who creates unique and functional womenswear for the sophisticated and active female, mixing an interesting selection of fabric – in which a hybrid of a smart yet casual aesthetic is formed.


‘After graduating from Middlesex University in London studying BA (Hons) in Fashion Design – I continue to apply great effort into research and experimenting with materials such as stainless steel and apply waterproofing treatments onto cotton, wool, silk, linen and organza. This process really excites me, testing with and altering conventional fabrics to create unique and unconventional ones.’


‘My work is heavily influenced by the ingenuity of sport-wear design and fabric choices, whilst combining tailoring techniques with an aesthetic of androgyny – merging the femininity of womenswear with the attention to detail of menswear. I am keen to unite smart, sophisticated garment-styles with an essence of functionality and purpose. Why should practical fashion be unattractive and displeasing to the eye?

Increased experimentation, testing and sampling of innovative and adaptable materials by fabric manufacturers and other design companies’ interest me – such as Stone Island, Aitor Throup, Stella McCartney and Christopher Raeburn. The focus on discovering new, highly advanced and functional materials is so exciting and forward-thinking – design is about breaking boundaries, learning and finding new ways of creating, with very few limits. Technology is at the forefront in all areas of business, I love how fashion is making use of what’s available too.’


‘Throughout studying art and design from a young age; music and film have been major players in my inspiration, alongside other art forms. Currently, I am working on designs for my new collection after watching one of my favourite Wes Anderson films – The Life Aquatic, with a terrific soundtrack might I add (Iggy Pop <3)! The colours within the film have had a big influence on my designs and choices, as have the colours in photography belonging to Miguel Rio Branco. After viewing photographs of vents and ducts found on the deck of ships and marine vessels, I have been able to draw inspiration from these unique, functional structures. Incorporating a variety of shapes, forms, patterns and sequences into the designs.

Russian Constructivism has had and continues to play a huge part in my design ethos and aesthetic, after discovering the movement during college – alongside associated Futurist and Cubist movements. Rodchenko and Popova have both inspired me through all of their practices; from painting, photography and graphic design to textile screen-printing and fashion. These artists really went out there to experiment and uncover new methods and styles, which were incredibly advanced for their time (circa 1917) – especially considering the political unrest taking place during these years.’


‘My aim is for unique individuals to wear the designs with pride and pleasure – to feel comfortable and practical, yet stylish and classy, no matter where or whatever the weather. That would give me the ultimate buzz!’




Website | @L_MDesign