Abstract & Industrial Artist David Munroe

David Munroe is a Scottish Abstract and Industrial Artist. Born 1983, Glasgow, Scotland.

Paramour Home Example

‘I always wanted to be an artist and to be able to use my ideas and creativity in different ways. I was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and have been drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember, I was always that kid as school that everyone would come to when they wanted something drawn or painted and I loved anything to do with art then as much as I do now.

My Abstract Art Series is heavily influenced by nature and the environment and focuses on trying to show the beauty found in the every day and overlooked world we live in.’

Sahara Home Example

‘Whilst paintings from my Industrial Series are created with a large assortment of materials that I have experimented with over the years and are manipulated using extreme temperatures to create striking and complex paintings that show the raw beauty that exists in the environment from where they were inspired.’

Paramour 600x900

Sahara 600x460 PNG

Sapphire 600x592 PNG

Sapphire Home Example

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