Artist & Wedding Stationary Illustrator Jennifer Katie

We decided to revisit another of our past featured creatives; Jennifer Katie is a graduate of the Leeds College of Art, now specialising in wedding stationery.

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‘Since my last feature on Design Juices I have graduated from Leeds College of Art and have been mostly specialising in wedding stationery in collaboration with the lovely ladies of Strange Case. This is a rather unexpected turn in my illustration career but one I am fully embracing! It’s wonderful to work within such a diverse industry and to be a part of a couple’s big day is extremely rewarding.

My invitations specialise in having hand drawn and tactile feel to them. For example the wedding invitations I did for Faye and David, once printed, looked as though each one had been painted by hand. I love this way of working because it encourages people to look closely at my work and enables them to see into my processes when they can see the brush strokes and little mistakes that make the invitations more human and emphases the fact they are hand drawn and unique.’


‘Influences for my designs tend to come mainly from the couple themselves. A lot of the time they have a pretty clear idea in their minds as to how they would prefer their invitations to look, but sometimes they give me more freedom over the design and want to see what ideas I can bring to them. I love working closely with the couples and it is lovely to get to know them in the process. It is a particularly teary moment when I get to see my invitations as part of someone’s big day, it makes it all worthwhile.’


‘I am extremely lucky to work with such great people, my friends Sophie and Laura at Strange Case, who constantly influence me with their wonderful work. They have given me so many opportunities that I otherwise might not have gotten and introduced me into the wedding scene. Most importantly however, they have introduced me to Pinterest, which quickly became an obsession for me (I almost have as many boards as Sophie!) Pinterest is my main source of inspiration when I’m beginning a new project, but I am also massively influenced/jealous of illustrators like Emma Block Illustration and companies such as The Rifle Paper Co. They epitomise everything I love about design and inspired me to practice my own hand drawn lettering. Lettering is something that is quickly becoming my new obsession, and something that I can’t get enough practice with. I have not yet settled on a favourite technique, but I am currently favouring using a brush and Indian ink to create my hand lettering, and my trusty fine liners are coming a close second.’


‘As for the future I am planning to carry on working within the wedding scene and seeing where that takes me. With Strange Case at my side I suspect that will be pretty far!’



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