AUB Illustration Student Emma Caswell

Emma Caswell is currently studying Illustration at The Arts University Bournemouth.


‘I have always liked to consider myself as a storyteller, and i use this a lot within my practice. I spend a huge amount of my time scouring the bookshops for new and exciting picture books, and this generally feeds my practice as an Illustrator. But I also enjoy spending my time travelling to different countries, cities and around my home town exploring new ways to inspire my work.

I am currently writing and illustrating my own picture book based on a journey last year to Lapland. Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, there is a sort of magic in the air, and this has inspired my latest project to show people the magic of Christmas, and the wonderful adventures that i experienced on my journey. Whilst creating the book, i have been spending a lot of time trying to re create the atmosphere of the surroundings, and focusing on specific moments that stood out for me whilst i was there. The illustrations will work alongside the text, but offer more to the reader than the text alone.’


‘I would like to say that I am a determined, hardworking person, having set up my own business last year with a fellow student within my course. We used a start-up initiative by Young Enterprise and won business of the Year 2014 for the South West division, and made it to the National finals in London earlier this year. This experience has given me the confidence to expand my skills, to explore new ways of creating work, and how to make money! I have met a lot of very inspiring people within the past few years, and they have all helped me to develop myself as an Illustrator.

I am always looking for new ways to feed my practice and I will be continuing to develop my skills throughout the next six months as I progress towards graduation. The idea of graduating can be daunting, having spent three years and a lot of money on studying, but I am a positive person, and I am optimistic that graduation will lead to a whole host of new and exciting opportunities.’




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