Freelance Fashion & Lifestyle Illustrator David Andrews

David Andrews is a freelance fashion & lifestyle illustrator based in London.

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‘Over two years ago my work was featured on Design Juices, and me and Jared (the lovely chap who runs DJ) thought it would be interesting to do another feature, and discuss how my work has developed since then.’

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‘If you look at that original article, I think you’ll agree that my work has changed quite significantly in the last few years. One of the main differences is that I’ve changed my focus from editorial to fashion & lifestyle illustration, which I personally find more inspiring. I’ve also developed a much looser style of working, which I think comes much more naturally to me.

In addition, I’ve now fully embraced working digitally and the majority of my work is now done on the computer. That’s not to say that I’ve given up working manually – the majority of my illustrations start as a hand-rendered drawing which I then use as a springboard for a more involved piece. I also really enjoy live-drawing at events (such as London Fashion Week), and doing this has really helped me to further loosen up my style.’

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‘For the future, I feel like I’m always evolving the way I work, using new media and drawing new things, and I’d like to continue in this vein . One of the things I’m very keen to try is live drawing using a tablet, which I think would open up lots of exciting possibilities.’


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