Freelance Illustrator Dan Widdowson

Illustrator Dan Widdowson is represented by The Bright Agency, he is a graduate of the Arts University Bournemouth.


“It was during my second year studying at the Arts University Bournemouth that I had taken an interest in children’s illustration. I would often spend my Saturday mornings (because it was quieter) in the uni library, sat on the floor with a large selection of children’s books spread out around me. By this point I had become a passionate animal rights advocate and vegan, and realised the potential children’s books had to instil modern values into each new generation through whimsical tales and beautiful art. I devoted my entire third year to write, illustrate and self-publish a book called ‘The Takers’; a rhyming story that addresses our attitudes towards animals. I ended up graduating with a first, which I was dead chuffed about! In September this year I was picked up by The Bright Agency, who have been helping me develop my work ever since.”

little girl

“The work I produce is often narrative driven, because who doesn’t love a good old narrative? I adore creating characters and imagining the world they inhabit. My work is almost entirely digital these days. I just love the efficiency of it. Being able to produce work super quick is an important attribute to possess and working digitally can speed things up drastically. That being said, I do still take to my sketchbook regularly for initial designs, thumbnail work and fun.

I’m currently working with Templar Publishing on illustrating a children’s book written by Sean Taylor, which I’I’m having a great deal of fun with. The Bright Agency bring in all kinds of projects but I’m also working on a couple of self-authored children’s books that I’m aiming to have written and ready to pitch by the end of this year, as well as some other ideas that I’m ridiculously excited about that are still in their infancy.”




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