Freelance Illustrator Emma Jane Robinson

Emma Jane Robinson is a Freelance Illustrator who works with a stick & Ink combined digitally with mixed media.

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‘I recently graduated from Glyndwr University with a 2:1 BA Honors in Design Communication, specializing in Illustration. Before studying Illustration I was studying Fine art and later Fashion Technology, which is still very much an influence within my illustration work were by I often bring a mix of fabric, textures and mixed media into my work and I am always keeping up to date with current colour and fashion trends.’


‘My previous education influences my work a lot, I like to bring photography into my work as well as a mix of media which comes from experiences and courses I have previously undertook. I like to read a lot of design books and editorials which also have an influence on my work and I particularly like to work on Editorial Illustrations. I enjoy looking at other artists work such as the likes of David Hughes, Sara Finelli and in particular Ian Pollock; his work has been the most influential on me. I admire his mark making techniques and the spontaneous brush strokes within his work. I also really appreciate the late work of Salvador Dali in particular his set of Illustrations/art for Alice and Wonderland, this work was so different from his other pieces and had so much character and personality within.’


‘I am currently working on a self initiated project were I am creating a set of Illustrations for the children’s book ‘Georges Marvelous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. I like to take children’s books and put a bit of a spin on them to target more of an older audience rather than just for children. I am also constantly working on self initiated Editorial Illustrations were I will take a current article and create a set of illustrations to accompany it. I enjoy doing Editorial Illustration as I like to work with strong concepts and challenge myself to create work which is different and has the ‘aaah factor’.’


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