Freelance Illustrator Jasu Hu

Jasu Hu is a freelance illustrator from China. After graduating from Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University majoring in Visual Communication Design. She is currently a grad student in the MFA Illustration Practice Program at Maryland Institute College of Art, USA.

where do dreams come from-jasu hu

‘I think my previous background of graphic design influenced me a lot. I’m an enthusiastic shape lover. I love all the primary geometric shape and the process of exploring different arrangements of shape from a sophisticated structure. I like the process of conceptual thinking more than literal representing.’

Jasu Hu-World's End Clothes

‘The project, World’s End Clothes, is a self-initiated publishing project that combines architecture and fashion design to create a new applied approach with the visual elements of architecture, specifically works by architects such as Louis Kahn and Kazuyo Sejima. This project has won the New Talent winner (Design category) of AOI Illustration Awards in 2014.’

Jasu Hu-Fabrica1

‘Recently I’m still working on this project as my graduate thesis. I love exploring the abstract shape from architecture and using human body as a vehicle to represent the personality of architecture. By looking at architecture, I interpret and project the different perspectives of these structures with visual elements, scale and mood. As one of the visual perception elements, I think shape is the most difficult but attractive thing for me.’

Jasu Hu-Fabrica2

Jasu Hu-Fabrica-architect

we hurt and cover for each other_jasuhu


the lonely nostalgia-jasus