Graphic Designer Elliott Moody

Elliott Moody is a recently graduated Graphic Designer living in London.

“Keep practicing and challenging yourself. I’m one hundred times the designer I was when I graduated because of practice.”Elliott Moody

Layla Panam

“I’d recommend to any designers that are studying to go out there and get some experience in the industry as soon as you can, whether you’re at the beginning, middle or end of your course. It will be invaluable to you once you graduate. I didn’t make any effort while I was studying at NUA to research real design studios and what they do and how they work. It wasn’t until about a month before my degree show that I started putting the work in. I’m on my forth internship now, and now I know exactly what I want to do and exactly the sort of studio I want to work for. But I could of known a lot earlier had I looked into it before graduating. Be very selective when identifying the studios that you like; would your work fit in with theirs? Do you feel more comfortable in a big or small team? If you want to be an identity designer, don’t intern at a packaging studio, simple. Definitely something I’ve learnt along the way.”


“I consider myself a visual identity designer and have experience designing for packaging, print, digital and environments. I studied Graphic Design at NUA, a course I would strongly recommend. I never thought I would stay in my hometown of Norwich for university but I feel like it was a pretty good decision. My initial love for design came from my long-standing love for the world of fashion, to the point where I almost studied that instead. I think it’s important to look beyond the world of graphic design to influence your graphic design. My inspiration comes from the creativity of guys like Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Rick Owens and Theophilus London.”

King of Shaves

“It’s really important once you graduate to keep designing. Although you’ll be interning, a lot of the work they give you will be small jobs that don’t stretch your creativity. I’ve been lucky to have a few friends that have needed logos and identity work so that has helped me stay fresh. If not, just find some really nice content online and turn it into a magazine or website or anything else you can think of. Keep practicing and challenging yourself. I’m one hundred times the designer I was when I graduated because of practice.

There’s a book called ‘What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School’ by Phil Cleaver that I’ve been reading, definitely check it out, it’ll help you get ahead of the game. I’m booked into internships until March next year with the hope moving into a full time role when the time is right. The experience I’ve gained is invaluable and would suggest that all graduates do the same unless they’re lucky enough to go straight into a job, just make sure you’re doing what you want to be doing.”




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