GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years and Beyond

“The next fifty years will be identified by one thing: that they will not look anything like the last fifty. And now, we can begin to celebrate both.” Professor Neville Brody


GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years and Beyond, is the accompanying publication to the major winter exhibition GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years, currently running at the RCA fifty years after the first graphic design exhibition at the College in 1963.

The book includes specially commissioned essays by Mike Dempsey and Adrian Shaughness, original interviews with past students (Why Not Associates’, Andy Altmann and British actor Alan Rickman) and staff (former course leader Elizabeth Leyland and technician Michael Perry) and never before seen work (from poster designs to expansive installations, digital experiments and books as objects).


Beautifully designed by RCA graduates, the book comes with gatefold cover and foldout inner pages, featuring a centre-fold timeline and visual essays throughout. GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years and Beyond becomes an extension to the exhibition: articulating what is at the core of the RCA spirit, unearthing living archives to reveal work that is inventive, playful and critically engaging and giving readers a sense of their cultural, social, aesthetic and contributions.

The editors look to the roots of graphic design (in a section called Beginnings) and also project forward into its possible futures (with Directions, including an essay written by current student, Robert Hetherington). Visual essays take Professor Richard Guyatt’s timeless vision that every graphic designer should have a balance of head, heart and hand in his/her work as thematic starting points. Guyatt’s original essay is also republished in the book, introducing each of the visual sections, articulating a powerful thread that runs over the past fifty years and also spins seamlessly into the next fifty years and beyond.



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