Illustrator and Graphic Designer Barbara Valentini

Barbara Valentini is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Rome.

‘I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen in my hand, and I remember I have loved art ever since I was a small tike having lunch in a little yellow table with a spoon on the left hand and a pencil on the right one!’


‘Growing up my passion for art fueled the interest in illustration and graphic design, so in July 2013 I took a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome. While studying at the Academy I’ve been involved, as a freelance illustrator, in a really interesting children education project. The company asked me to make some background illustrations for several cartoon films, and I’m very happy that this collaboration lasts till now.

In the end of the studies, thanks to an academic contest (where I was asked to restyling a makeup social network website), I joined a stage in a company where I’m currently working as part time graphic and web designer as well.’



‘I’m always experimenting a lot. I love graphic design and art but also photography and typography. I think there is a fine line between them, and there’s nothing so beautiful than mix these fascinating fields all together to create something really special.’




‘My passion for the creative field leads me to never stop learning. I really think this is the hidden secret of a successful creative career and life! You can always be inspired from everything around you, and the personal research and experience will always be your best
source of inspiration.’


‘Thanks to my endless curiosity I recently attended an Illustration Workshop and a Letterpress Course, where I learned how amazing is working manually. Handmade things are sadly becoming so rare, often people prefer using digital tools to save their time, but the time you use to do sketches, touch papers, choose them and try experimenting with printing techniques is actually the best time to learn, enjoying the whole process as well.

At the moment I’m collaborating with these companies but I’m always looking forward to new experiences and challenges, welcoming the opportunity to get involved in foreign collaborations.

In the meantime I’m working on some personal projects about illustration and type. My mind is always full of new projects, like the development of my brand identity as well as a personal website to showcase my works and even open an online shop, why not!
That’s why I’m looking forward to develop my style further: I let my passion guide me through new exciting experiences.’


Website | @ValentiniBv