Textile Designer Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is a Textile designer and graduate from Falmouth University in Woven Textiles, she now finds herself exploring the functionality of fashion in waterproofing stylish woven garments.

Waterproof cape 72dpi

‘As a textile designer I like to focus mostly on hand drawn imagery, to create unique illustrative designs. I love to play with varied colourways and keep pushing my work with every new project, so that every idea is individual from the last. When creating imagery I like to explore the different connotations from the brief given and think of fresh contemporary ideas, to translate my own style into designs and not just repeat everything that has already been done.’

‘I initially went to Falmouth University to study Fine Art to focus on my artistic skillset, however, I still wanted to incorporate fashion and fabrics into my work and found switching to Textile Design was the best option for my creative direction and I haven’t looked back since. Throughout my degree I specialised in woven textiles as I was fascinated by the way you could create a fabric from scratch and create thousands of different designs using varied loom patterns. It allowed me to learn firsthand the technical side of creating textiles and learning about variation in scale and handle for different purposes.’

Print collection 72dpi

‘Since leaving university I have focused more on Print design as I’ve found it difficult to carry on down the woven path without immediate access to a loom. So I continued to draw and paint and teach myself to put artworks into repeat, I have learnt so much this past year, from entering many competitions for companies such as Tigerprint, Textile Federation and the Front Row Society. Each has had new and exciting briefs allowing me to push and adapt my style accordingly, and I have been lucky enough to be chosen as a winner or be shortlisted.

Also, during this time I have been interning to gain important industry experience and am currently in the process of completing freelance print design work. I’ve been exploring every opportunity that has come my way and am excited for the future to see where my design career will take me, and am open to commissions and freelance projects.’

7 ravens 72dpi

Blue Flora 72dpi

Green Paisley 72dpi

Psychedelic Paisley 72dpi

Watercolour flower 72dpi

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