The Independents Advent Christmas Gift Guide

Working alongside Mash Press and @lewismoranINIT we’re sharing with you a new gift idea for christmas in each the next 25 days!

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independent advent calendar

25th December 2015 Isometric Risograph Calendar by Paper pusher $24

image (14)

24th December Grow your own Mushrooms kit by Fungi future £14.95

image (13)

23rd December Porcelain Espresso Cups by Jode Pankhurst $35

image (12)

22nd December Live and let dry teatowel by Hey, Holla £11

image (11)

21st December Brewdog craft beer bottles From £1.80

image (10)

20th December Lize Meddings Sad ghost club jumper £23

image (9)

19th December Second, Risograph zine Opposite the Alley £8

image (8)

18th December Mini drawstring bags MiniFanFan $8

image (7)

17th December Biscuit Letterpress Coaster Set Mac & Ninny Paper Co £5.95

image (6)

16th December Anorak magazine Sweets issue £6

image (5)

15th December Jack Teagle Jungle cushion – Cougar £30

image (4)

14th December Lorna Scobie Screenprinted animal poster £35

image (3)

13th December Marcus Oakley Wallet

image (2)

12th December Ben Newman Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space £15.99 

image (1)

11th December ‘Twitchin’ in the kitchen’ teatowel £12


10th December Pirrip Press Night / Day Enamel Mugs £8.50


9th December Gnaw Rocky Road Chocolate Bar £2.99


8th December Another studio PostCarden- Allotment £7.65


7th December Ems Curious Oddities Papilio Torquatus Swallowtail Butterfly £30


6th December The Bearhug Bear No.2 Sweatshirt black £40


5th December Kristyna Baczynski Museum of Mythical Creatures Colouring Zine $4.81


4th December Botanical Tray/Tarjotin by Kauniste €34 unnamed

3rd December Pack of Wolves Recycled A5 Notebook @PapioPress


2nd December Anonymous Tote Bag | Cachete Jack €6 @cachetejack


1st December Soap Family Pack | The Printed Peanut £14.95 @printedpeanut


Today is the 1st of December so we can officially open the first window of our advent calendar and reveal our first item by The Printed Peanut. This beautifully packaged collection of natural soaps are handmade in Yorkshire by Louise Lockheart. Vegan friendly, this little bundle is guaranteed to have you smelling great and doesn’t contain any of the nasty stuff. The package contains 3 bars of soap, a relaxing lavender, softening shaving balm and Shea butter moisturiser all beautifully packaged in recycled papers.

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