Wolf-VA Make Their mark on the Ex San Paolo Hospital in Savona-Italy

Wolf-VA worked on the complex graphic communication of the whole operation, finalized the approval of the project and the marketing and sale of new spaces at the Ex San Paolo Hospital in Savona-Italy for San Paolo Spa.

The ex-San Paolo Hospital in Savona, an impressive historical building in the center of the city, that for years remained abandoned and unused, is finally today subject to reconstruction, being transformed from its historical function to a new, multi-functional complex, a new multi-use development.


The shell of the building, with respect to the historical tradition, has been kept untouched while the inside of the project forecasts an establishment of spaces for commercial use on the ground floor, offices on the first floor and residences on the remaining levels.
Wolf-VA was therefore entrusted with its work, one of the most demanding and well-structured jobs they had ever done, and this time carried out in a real estate environment. We were required to elaborate all the material useful to the communication of the project, both in the planning phase as support to the studios involved and in the approval phase of the project involving the sale and marketing of the operation.

In the planning phase, our support served the professionals involved to visualize the outcome of all the project choices completed up until that point and to be able to verify the development of the details (through rendering images/videos of their plans). In this phase, together with the designers and architects, more alternative solutions to specific problems were evaluated, visualizing the choices available until we reached a winner.

The material that came each time was then supplied to the client, then presented to the examining board, the city hall and the commission for landscape insertion, just to permit the validation of the project and to proceed with the consent for its creation. Visualizing the project in the most realistic way possible becomes a real plus in this phase for the designers and architects, the investors and the engineers.


We were also requested to create all the communication material for the project for the sales phase of the offices, residential and commercial spaces.

In collaboration with the architects, investors and the real estate professionals involved, we decided on the most efficient strategy and which themes needed the most in-depth analysis. For example, it was necessary to explain better to a potential buyer, the articulation of the multi-level apartments, and at the same time explain the new configuration of the external public spaces to transmit the urban value of the project to the citizens.

We are convinced that it is exactly in these phases that our role as architects, and not only designers, is really an added value for those who operate in the real estate sector.


Choosing the correct view and setting, with the right atmosphere, to animate and bring the spaces to life that are at the moment, only on paper, are fundamental aspects to make all the potentialities of the project underway emerge, and to create the right expectation for the public in respect to an operation of these proportions.

In this specific case, we created about 50 images that were internal views, studying the setting of each one of the spaces, furnishing them in a different way from one to the other and imagining an inside look at a ‘slice of life’ in these spaces. These types of visualizations help to transmit to the final client the quality of the spaces, clarifying which are the peculiarities, and anticipating a style of life.

Besides the internal and external images, we created the video presentation of the entire operation, which lasted about 5 minutes.
Through the use of graphics and animation strategies, we explained the details and the innovation that the project would bring in its proximity, emphasizing the connections with the urban composition and the city. We then created a complex 3D animation of the entire project with virtual visit, both from the outside of the building and from the inside of the apartments.

The development of the video required considerable effort in all aspects: the direction, framing, animations, etc. All in all it was its own real film, despite its brief duration. Bringing this job to term was a great challenge, but also a huge satisfaction and occasion that we took advantage of to push us ahead.