Designer & Maker Laura Louise Blaker

Laura Blaker graduated from Central Saint Martins in July 2014 with a degree in Ceramic Design.

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‘Prior to this I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Camberwell College of the Arts. I mainly work within surface pattern design, using ceramics as well as textiles as a canvas for my designs. I chose to study ceramics because I wanted to become skilled in a particular area of 3D design, rather than trying to do too much of a variety. I also felt that because it is a subject area now disappearing at many universities, it would be something special to learn. I love to challenge myself and to take on new adventures.’

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‘I strive to create a feeling of curiosity within the audience of my work through the use of intricate surface designs and layers of pattern. I want people to investigate and interact with my work, noticing something new or different about it every time. I am influenced a lot by nature; I often work by finding patterns within natural elements, and repeating and manipulating them to create something intricate and exciting. One of my projects was based on the natural forms of crystals and was called ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ (below). The pieces are small enough to be held so that the many layers of them can be investigated by the audience, therefore they are able to discover the different elements of the objects themselves.’

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‘Another project which explores my use of intricate patterns, is one called ‘Tree Set’ (below). This is a set of 3 ceramic pieces which are used to show an image I created from my own photography of a tree. I used my initial image to create something completely new. It is extremely detailed as I wanted to produce something which would entice and capture the attention of the audience, so that they would want to study it to digest what they are seeing.

My latest project takes the design from ‘Tree Set’ and uses it in a textiles environment. Textiles is something I have explored in my spare time at home, and am very interested in. I had my design screen printed onto cotton, which I then made into cushions (below). I wanted to create pieces which were easily accessible to people, and also easy to place in the home. I have always loved the idea of giving gifts to people you care about, and love to make items that I can imagine someone would want to buy as a unique token for a loved one. This project is something I am still completing currently; but I aim to carry this idea on into my new work, seeing what other images I can turn into an intricate feast for the mind next.’

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